Insuring Professionalism and Peace of Mind

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After a particularly violent windstorm in Newton County in 2015, Rae Misiora and her husband, Brad, stood in their yard looking at shingles from their roof.

“My first thought was, ‘How much is this going to cost me?’ ” says Misiora. “Brad climbed up on the roof and said, ‘We better call Scott.’ ”

She called Scott Hanger, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

“Scott has always been a great agent,” Misiora says. “Since day one, he has always said, ‘Call me right away.’ ”

The roof was repaired and all was well. Fast forward a few years to when they noticed a small leak in the kitchen. It turned out there was a crack in the water line to the icemaker that had been slowly leaking for quite some time. What appeared as a small puddle of water was actually quite a mess behind the wall.

“Water had gone up the drywall and through the back of the cabinet and into the floorboards,” Misiora says. “When Brad pulled off the trim and baseboards and we saw mold, I thought I was going to faint!”

Misiora says one of the best things about Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s service is that they have never had to wait for someone to come out and inspect the damage. They called Hanger first, and within a day an adjuster was on the property.

“I’ve had a lot of people say, ‘You could switch and save so much money,’ ” she says. “To which I reply, ‘Then when you have a claim, you’ll regret it.’ I’d rather have professionalism and peace of mind any time.”

Much of the damage has been repaired, but the house still shows signs of construction and chaos.

“We didn’t have to wait long for a claims check so we were able to start repairs immediately,”

Misiora adds. “While they were working we had to pull everything out of the kitchen, but it is coming back together. However,” she laughs, “I am looking forward to not having drywall dust everywhere.”

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