4 Springtime Lemon Recipes

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Few ingredients are as versatile in the kitchen as lemons. While they might be too sour to enjoy on their own, most chefs consider them indispensable in everyday cooking.

Both the zest of the rind and the lemon’s juice can enhance savory chicken, fish or vegetable recipes; add a fresh citrus flavor to dressings and marinades; and provide the perfect touch of tartness to balance sweet desserts.

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As spring arrives and we begin to trade in hearty winter comfort foods for fresh, light dishes, consider the bright and dynamic flavor that lemon adds to all kinds of recipes. From salads and sides to drinks and sweets, you can use lemon to liven up just about any meal. So the next time life gives you lemons, squeeze, zest and slice them up, and use them in some of these tasty spring dishes.

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