Easy Recipes For A Family-Friendly Dinner

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How does Dad please everyone when deciding what to make for dinner? He takes favorite kid-friendly dishes, such as tacos, and puts his own spin on them. He creates Zesty Chicken Tacos, featuring shredded chicken taco meat made in a slow cooker. Then he builds the menu around these protein-rich tacos, including choices from every one of the five nutrient-rich food groups by serving the tacos with tortillas or taco shells (grains) and toppings (vegetables, fruits and dairy). He puts a creative spin on the toppings, too, and whips up a batch of nutrient-rich Apple Cranberry Coleslaw (more vegetables and fruits). He knows Mom will be happy if the dessert is both decadent and nutrient-rich, so he makes Double Banana Pudding Pie. He can make and refrigerate the pie the night before or the morning of, when the chicken goes in the slow cooker. The coleslaw is ready in a snap, so he preps it while the kids set the table. Dad insists on the family sitting together for this spectacular meal because he knows family meals foster good eating habits, better communication skills and healthier lifestyle choices.

Of course, any family member who wants an easy way to get started in the kitchen can make these recipes. No matter who cooks dinner, we hope this encourages you to enjoy more happy family meals together!


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  1. A Reader

    September 23, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Your comment “Since ground coriander is actually dried cilantro . . .” is incorrect. The spice ground coriander is made from the SEEDS of the cilantro plant (Coriandrum sativum) while what we call cilantro are the leaves and stems. The two taste completely different and are used in different ways. But since you claim that shopping the perimeter of the supermarket leads to a “mundane diet,” I’m not surprised you made this mistake.

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