Big Sister Salsa [Made in Indiana]

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Big Sister Salsa

Combine 10 years’ experience in 4-H, a couple of handfuls of sweet and hot peppers and a bit of sisterly love, and you have the recipe for Big Sister Salsa.

Kristi Robinson Rensberger and Kim Robinson introduced their salsa in September 2001 at the Brookston Apple Popcorn Festival. The first bite of the pepper-based salsa reveals a fresh, sweet taste that gives way to some tantalizing heat.

The duo, Purdue University graduates, combined their backgrounds in food and marketing to build Two Cookin’ Sisters. Their product line has grown over the years to include Craizinutapple Butter, sweet dill pickles, jams, relishes, bags of spicy nuts, granola and salad dressings. Their mother, Carolyn, helps them at the stove with her love for jam.

Two Cookin’ Sisters Specialty Food Co. & Shop opened its doors in May 2005 in downtown Brookston with shelves full of the sisters’ specialty food products, art and gift items, and other products made in Indiana. The pair also operates an ice cream and snack shop called The Prairie Street Market.

Find all of the Two Cookin’ Sisters products at, or visit them on South Prairie Street in Brookston.

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