Hollywood Explores Columbus

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It seems Hollywood has discovered what students of architecture have known for decades: There’s something special about Columbus.

An independent film called Columbus debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017. Against a backdrop of the town’s many gems, the two main characters, played by Haley Lu Richardson and John Cho, build a connection on their shared love of architecture.

The well-reviewed film was written and directed by Nashville filmmaker Kogonada, who found inspiration while taking the architectural tour of Columbus.

“We are so excited,” says Erin Hawkins of the city’s Visitors Center. “The architecture of Columbus is truly another character in the film.”

When describing Columbus to the Sundance crowd, Cho spoke in glowing terms. “It is block after block of just fascinating buildings. … It is a kind of wondrous place. It is a bit of an Emerald City,” he said.

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