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Home is a place to relax and spend time with family and friends. It’s your sanctuary.

However, when your home is compromised by a burglar, more than just your possessions are lost. You lose some peace of mind and security and are left feeling violated and vulnerable. The best way to deal with a crime in your home is to take every step possible to prevent it.

Burglars typically search for the easiest target: houses with open windows, unlocked doors or signs indicating that no one is home. But sometimes we inadvertently make our homes attractive to burglars in other ways.

It is easy to become complacent. We’re comfortable in our homes and think, “We know our neighbors; we live in a nice neighborhood.” We don’t think twice about leaving the house unlocked while running a quick errand. Most burglaries occur during the daylight hours and entry is usually gained through an unlocked door or open window.

Though you can’t prevent crime 100 percent of the time, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

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Don’t Tempt a Thief

  • Lock your doors, including garages, sheds and barns.
  • Store equipment such as bicycles, ATVs and lawnmowers out of sight.
  • Use light timers daily (not just when you’re away) so your home always shows signs of activity.
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