The World of Cowbilly George

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Cowbilly George Children's Book by Steve Haltom

Entertain your children with the wild adventures of a 5-year-old hillbilly who dreams of being a cowboy in F.S. “Steve” Haltom’s children’s book series Cowbilly George.

Haltom is a former Indiana kindergarden teacher and full-time farrier who dreamed up the Cowbilly George character based on one of his adult friends.

“I was searching for a character that kids that age could relate to and laugh at,” Haltom says. “I have a friend who is a bit of a hillbilly, who wishes he was a cowboy. I just turned him into a child character.”

Haltom has written six books full of the adventures of Cowbilly George, all for the preschool to emergent reader age group. He works with Missouri-based illustrator Amber Barnes, who is currently working on the pictures for the third Cowbilly George book.

His books began as e-books available through Apple iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook. His first two books are now also available in print. To order the e-book version of Haltom’s first two books, Cowbilly George and Cowbilly George and the Greased Pig, visit

The print version of those books will soon be available on that website. And continue to check back for the next adventure, Cowbilly George and the Mule Eared Boots.

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