Kinley’s Helping Hands

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Kinley's Helping Hands

After being diagnosed with panhypopituitarism (lack of a pituitary gland) at just 3 days old, Mekinley Elrod has had a difficult medical journey.

Despite many trips to Kosair Children’s Hospital for various complications, Mekinley has always kept a smile on her face.

Because she knows what it’s like to spend time in a hospital, she started Kinley’s Helping Hands to give back to other children at Korsair Children’s Hospital. She began a carnival where kids could enjoy a fun day and toy donations could be collected for hospital residents. Last Christmas, she delivered 70 homemade pillows for the kids.

Even while enduring hospital trips herself, Mekinley continues to be a hero for the kids at Kosair Children’s Hospital. To learn more about Kinley’s Helping Hands and how you can help, visit

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