How to Prepare for Winter Storms

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When weather forecasters predict winter storms for Indiana, it could be a mild storm with snow for a few hours or it could be a blizzard lasting several days. The Red Cross offers these tips for preparing for a winter storm:

Did you know?

• Don’t travel unless absolutely necessary. If you must drive, always keep a disaster supplies kit in your vehicle and keep a full tank of gas.

• Dress in several layers, and wear mittens, a hat that covers your ears, and insulated boots.

• Bring pets inside during winter weather. Move other animals to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water.

• Prevent your pipes from freezing by running a trickle of water at all times.

• Make sure all fuel-burning equipment is vented to the outside and kept clear.

• Supplies that should be kept on-hand include water, nonperishable food, medication, battery-powered radio and a cell phone with chargers.

Download the complete Red Cross Wnter Storms Safety Checklist by clicking here. [PDF]

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