Blogger Spotlight: Old Blue Silo

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Old Blue Silo blog

From her newly-built pole barn house located near Rochester, Kelly Whiteman Snipes writes in her blog Old Blue Silo ( about her life on the farm with her husband, Dan, their dog, Farmer, and their cats, Jack and Pumpkin. The couple raises corn and soybeans on their fourth-generation farm.

Just about anything life throws her way is fodder for her blog, including farm safety, a directionally challenged trip to Indianapolis, farmer stereotypes, the end of harvest, recipes and cleaning tips, antiquing and decorating, and her failure at writing a holiday newsletter.

“Recently, I have become more passionate about sharing agriculture’s story, and Old Blue Silo has taken a turn toward that direction,” she says. The blog’s distinctive name comes from the old blue Harvestore silo sitting on their property not too far from their house.

“It’s old. It’s faded. It’s rusty. It’s quaint. It’s ugly to most. But I love it,” Kelly writes.

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