Teen Drivers: Insurance FAQ and Rewards for Good Grades

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Learning to drive is an exciting and scary time for teens and parents alike. If your teen will soon be learning to drive, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance can help clear up the confusion by sharing some helpful information in order to make this new experience a little more exciting and a lot less scary.

Knowing When Your Teen Needs Insurance

When your teenager is beginning his or her drivers education course, you may wonder if you need to add your child to your Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance auto policy as a rated driver. The answer is no. The law already allows for this particular situation and the risks associated with it. Your own Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance policy already provides coverage for your teenager as long as he or she has a learners permit.

However, once your teenager passes all necessary requirements and actually receives his or her Indiana driver’s license, you must add him to your auto policy, even if your teen doesn’t yet have his own vehicle.

Because youthful drivers are the least experienced drivers, their auto rates can often be higher than those of their parents. However, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is proud to offer our clients great discounts on auto policies, and there is no exception for teenagers who’ve earned their driver’s license.

Rewarding Young Drivers for Good Grades

Once your teen has received his or her driver’s license, he may be eligible for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s Top Scholar Discount. Through this program, students who maintain a solid academic record while still enrolled in school can earn a discount on an Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance auto policy premium. Full-time high school or college students who maintain a “B” average or better for the two preceding consecutive semesters are eligible for this valuable discount. The qualifying student needs to be recertified each year until he graduates from college.

Please contact your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agent for more information on adding a new driver to your auto insurance policy or to learn what special rates or discounts your youthful driver may qualify for throughout his or her high school and college years, and to sign up for the Top Scholar program.

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