Legislative Victory for Indiana Farm Bureau

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Indiana Farm Bureau’s grassroots network came out in full force during the 2016 legislative session. The personal contacts made by members to their legislators had a significant impact on the public policymaking process.

INFB encourages county Farm Bureaus to visit the Statehouse at least once each session, if not twice. This year, 84 county Farm Bureaus visited the Statehouse at least once. Thirty-four counties visited twice; three counties visited three times and four counties visited four times.

In a session that lasted under 10 weeks, INFB averaged approximately 4.5 county visits every day. Those visits were reinforced by 1,970 targeted emails and phone calls from members to their legislators, not including other personal emails, phone calls and weekend visits at town hall meetings in the district.

When this many members show up, legislators take notice. The high level of grassroots engagement propelled Farm Bureau to victory on several legislative issues.

See photos from the event below:

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Farm Bureau Meeting

Montgomery County with Rep. Brown.

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