Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Still Meet Your Needs?

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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a mortgage payment veteran, most likely your home is your single most valuable investment. If we were to lose our homes or their contents, most of us could not afford to replace everything out-of-pocket, which is why we purchase homeowners insurance.

However, many homeowners don’t take enough time in choosing and understanding the policy that protects that precious investment – the place they call home. By working with your agent and becoming more familiar with your homeowner policy, your agent can help you make sure you have the coverage you need exactly when you need it.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers several different policies to cater to your insurance needs. We also recently introduced two new discounts with potential premium savings for you:
• If you’ve had an active homeowner policy with us for a minimum of just one year, you earn a loyalty discount. The longer you continuously keep an active homeowner policy with us, the more discount you could earn.
• If you have not had any recent claims, you earn a claims-free discount. The longer you continuously keep an active homeowner policy with us and the fewer claims you have, the lower your rates will be.

Homeowners Platinum

The Homeowners Platinum policy is our very best in homeowner insurance protection. This policy protects your home and other buildings such as garages or outbuildings up to their replacement cost (within the terms of the policy and amount of insurance purchased) for losses from all perils, except those specifically excluded in the policy. You’ll have full coverage for your personal property, which will be protected from damage caused by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, most weather-related occurrences and many other possible perils.

Special coverages such as the removal of debris, damage to outdoor antenna equipment, the unauthorized use of lost or stolen credit cards and damage caused by power surges are also included in this policy. The policy also includes comprehensive liability protection.

Homeowners Extra

IFBI’s Homeowners Extra policy covers your home, garage and personal property from 16 specific perils that most often are the cause of damage. These include fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, lightning, windstorm, hail and others. It offers liability coverage as well.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance provides money-saving discounts for newer homes, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, dead-bolt locks and fire extinguishers. Homeowners who also insure their automobiles with us receive a 15 percent discount on their homeowners insurance and 18 percent discount on their auto insurance.

To learn more about Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s homeowners policies or to find out if you qualify for one of our new discounts, please contact your agent, visit us at, or call us at 1-800-723-3276 to find an agent near you.

Note: The loyalty discount and the claims-free discount do not apply to farm policies.

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