County Spotlight Winter 2015-16

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See happenings from Indiana county Farm Bureaus across the state.

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Posey County FB

Field Trip for Elected Officials

Posey County Farm Bureau knows how important it is for local decision-makers to have a clear understanding of the county’s agriculture, both how it operates and its contribution to the local economy. In August, Mark and Sheryl Seib and the county Farm Bureau board invited a busload of elected officials to tour three Posey County farms that offered a unique glimpse into today’s agriculture: Koester Brothers Dairy, where robots do much of the work; Frey Produce, which operates under strict food safety regulations; and Eisterhold Farms, where biotech crops increase yields while reducing environmental impact. Over a catfish lunch at the local Red Wagon Restaurant, the guests learned more about Farm Bureau legislative and regulatory initiatives from INFB state government relations director Katrina Hall and INFB Vice President Randy Kron.

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