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Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

If you’ve called your local Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance office lately, you may have noticed something different – a new automated phone system. Though it might initially be surprising to not hear a person on the other end, the system is designed with you, the client, in mind to make your experience with IFBI even better.

The new unified system provides for the first time connectivity between all office locations as well as additional options for clients.

“It was important to provide the clients with improved options,” says Brenda Worman, senior marketing business analyst and business project manager. “Clients now have the option to contact their intended party directly, leave a voice mail message, make an automatic payment, file a claim and speak with a customer service representative (CSR) or agent.”

The new system also provides the foundation and flexibility to improve efficiencies and enhance customer service.

“The phone system now allows us to track call volume, which helps us effectively staff our county offices,” says Rick Kuster, director of agency support. “If one office is receiving a large number of calls, we can evaluate the staffing in that office and add more support if needed.”

Another benefit to customers is decreased call wait time. Rather than placing a call on hold until a specific CSR is available, calls can be routed immediately to another available CSR.

Or, for example, if a severe storm occurs in one particular town or county, CSRs from other offices can help answer calls and assist clients remotely rather than traveling to the affected office.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is proud of its commitment to customer service and understands the value of having a “live person” available to our clients.

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