Holiday Safety Begins at Home

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Yes, all those lights have to plug in somewhere. But have you really looked around your house this holiday season?

Christmas Lights Safety Tips

Do you step carefully to avoid miles of extension cords or think you’ve really done something by plugging 17 electrical cords into one outlet? No need to turn on the lights, even at night, because 773 candles are burning throughout the house?

Amid the decorating this holiday season, note these sobering thoughts: More fire deaths occur in December and January than in any other months, and the leading cause of home fire deaths is electrical-related.

Make the season joyous. Don’t overload electrical outlets or extension cords; check cords for scorch marks or frayed wires; never leave burning candles unattended; keep chimneys and stoves inspected and cleaned; and make sure smoke alarms are installed and working.

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