Springtime Side Dish Recipes

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Carrot Cake Salad Recipe

How would you describe your cooking and mealtime habits? Stale and boring? Or bright and fresh? If you lean toward uninspired and monotonous, let me help out with some creative inspiration.

Stale: Always eating baby carrots raw from the package
Fresh: Using them in a dessert-inspired side salad – Carrot Cake Salad
Benefits: This crunchy salad provides sweet-tooth satisfaction along with a wealth of nutrients
Carrot Cake Salad Nutrition Notes & Smart Selection Tips

 Roasted Asparagus and Spring Greens with Lemon Shallot

Stale: Always steaming fresh asparagus spears and eating plain
Stale: Always eating the same iceberg lettuce salad with cheese and croutons
Fresh: Oven-roasting asparagus and adding to a mixed greens salad with a savory shallot dressing – Roasted Asparagus and Spring Greens with Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette
Benefits: Roasting asparagus brings out natural sweetness and a rich, robust flavor. And putting the spears on fresh mixed greens with a homemade dressing creates an easy, yet completely gourmet-like salad.
Roasted Asparagus and Spring Greens Nutrition Notes & Smart Selection Tips

Ginger Orange Spring Vegetables Recipe

Stale: Always eating raw broccoli florets with ranch dip or steaming fresh spears
Fresh: Choosing one of the newer broccoli varieties for a change of pace, such as the hybrid Broccolini, and pairing it with other in-season veggies in a simple sauce – Ginger Orange Spring Vegetables
Benefits: You’ll expand your list of go-to simple veggies for weeknight meals. And you’ll see how simple sauces add even more flavor impact.
Ginger Orange Spring Vegetables Nutrition Notes & Smart Selection Tips

Happy, healthy springtime to all!

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