Selection, Storage and Nutrition Tips for Updated Summer Recipes

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We’ve put a fresh spin on your favorite all-American summer recipes. Check out helpful tips before making them below: 

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summer hot dogs

Hot Dogs With a Trio of Toppings

  1. Chicago Style: Store fresh tomatoes on the counter at room temperature. Refrigerating them dulls their flavor and texture. Be sure to look for hot sport peppers. No other jarred pepper will work for true Chicago-style hot dogs, so check both the specialty ethnic food aisle as well as the condiment aisle for them.
  2. Hawaiian: Canned corn and pineapple have all the same nutrients as fresh because they were picked and packed at their peak, which retains and preserves nutrients.
  3. Vietnamese: Shred your own carrots instead of buying prepackaged ones for a softer, finer and more appealing texture on these hot dogs.
  4. Grilling hot dogs is super fast since hot dogs are basically precooked, so be sure to avoid burning. Cooking in boiling water on the stove or in the microwave works, too.
  5. You’ll save a few calories and fat grams if you choose reduced-fat hot dogs, but full fat versions are perfectly fine to enjoy from time to time, especially if you balance them with fruit- and vegetable-based, nutrient-rich toppings.
  6. Boost nutrition with any hot dog by serving with 100 percent whole-wheat or 100 percent white whole-wheat hot dog buns. Each bun counts as a whole-grain serving for the day!
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