Selection and Nutrition Tips for Healthy Lunch Recipes

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Find helpful selection and nutrition tips for healthy lunchbox recipes:

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Turkey Wraps Two Ways

turkey wraps two ways

Tips for Very Veggie Turkey Wraps and A+ Apple Turkey Wraps

  • Switch up the color and flavor of the wraps for more variety. Choose sundried tomato, spinach, spicy pepper, or herb and garlic.
  • Shred your own carrots and you’ll end up with a softer texture. Use either baby carrots (be careful with your fingers on the shredder!) or peeled regular carrots. In a pinch, buy the bags of pre-shredded pieces.
  • The fastest way to cut and slice that avocado is to cut it with a paring knife long-ways all the way around. Twist the two halves slightly while pulling apart. Take the half with the seed and whack only the seed with a large knife. Twist the knife and pull out the seed. Now you’re ready to slice inside the shell and carefully scoop out.
  • Any wrap can be prepared in advance. Wait and add mayonnaise and dressings until right before eating so it doesn’t get too soggy.
  • Both of these wraps give you four of the five nutrient-rich food groups (grains, protein, dairy, and either fruit or vegetables).
  • Turkey, chicken, roast beef, ham, and pork slices will keep calories and fat grams under control. Enjoy higher fat luncheon meats such as salami, pastrami and bologna in moderation.
  • The sodium-free vegetables and fruits help balance the sodium in the luncheon/deli meat.
  • Avocados contain lots of heart-healthy fats, plus more than 20 vitamins and minerals to help boost overall health. Their fat and fiber content helps keep you full longer, too. One slice, or one-fifth of an avocado, contains 50 calories.
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