Indiana State Fair Recipes

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Pork Burgers

There are several top reasons Hoosiers love to go to the Indiana State Fair every summer:

  1. Pigs, cows, chickens and horses.
  2. Ferris wheel and other rides, games, and prizes.
  3. 4-H shows and competitions.
  4. Elephant ears, funnel cakes, corn dogs, ribbon fries, lemon shake-ups, fried candy bars, cotton candy, pork burgers, rib-eye steak sandwich, Dairy Bar milkshakes.

I say the fourth reason, the food, is the best reason to go. Of course, this is merely my opinion, not science-based research, which I typically prefer. But as a dietitian, when I ask people what they love most about the fair, it’s always the food.

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshakes

And I think that’s terrific. Go ahead and indulge with a positive attitude because the Indiana State Fair is the perfect venue for blending and balancing decadent food choices with plenty of activity.

Think about it: The fair only comes once a year, and that qualifies as “moderation” in my book. I don’t know anyone who eats elephant ears every day of the year. But a couple times during August? Go for it! And enjoy a few fried candy bars, too.

Balance the overindulgent fair calories with an excess of walking. The fairgrounds are expansive, so you’ll burn lots of calories and break up all the eating if you walk everywhere (instead of riding the shuttle).

Elephant Ears

Just in case you’re unable to head to the fair this year, which takes place Aug. 5-21, you can still enjoy fair flavors right at home. Grill pork burgers, bake elephant ears and whip up strawberry cheesecake milkshakes.

Enjoy and savor every bite of the Indiana State Fair!

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