Made in Indiana: Wonder Bread

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Wonder of Wonders

Who hasn’t enjoyed a fluffy, lighter-than-air piece of Wonder Bread? This staple American brand features one of the most recognizable logos, with bright yellow, red and blue. But did you know that this iconic white bread actually originated in Indiana?

The logo’s name and design, including the colorful circles above “Wonder,” were actually inspired by the famous International Balloon Race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Produced by Indianapolis’ Taggart Baking Company in 1921, Wonder Bread eventually ushered in a new way for American households to consume bread: by the slice. In the 1930s, Wonder Bread was one of the very first to offer pre-sliced, pre-wrapped bread. The brand is even associated with the common phrase, “the best thing since sliced bread,” which was part of advertising and promotional efforts surrounding the product.

Wonder Bread celebrates 100 years of operation in 2021 – a laudable achievement for an iconic product that continues to make Indiana proud.

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