How To Eat More Vegetables

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“But I don’t like vegetables!”

This statement, heard from both children and adults, rings loud and clear. We live in an age where fast food dominates to the detriment of our health – fries are not exactly the healthy vegetable of choice. Our recommended daily allowance is loosely defined based on the nutrient needs of healthy people under normal conditions, which doesn’t really define us as a whole anymore. Cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity are on the rise in America.

Low in Calories

We have the ability to grow and consume the most nutrient-dense foods possible in our own backyards, whether in large gardens, a flowerbed or in containers. Vegetables provide us with most of our vitamin needs, are high in fiber and low in calories. What could be better than that? Early-season vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, radish, kale, cabbage and cress are easy to grow, as are the rest of the garden heroes such as green beans, beets, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and carrots. Broccoli, celery and cauliflower are a bit more intimidating, but are readily available in produce sections at the grocery store and are important for a varied diet.

Often when we prepare vegetables, we tend to dredge them with oils and other flavor enhancers to make them more palatable. These take away from the natural, nutritious qualities of vegetables.

Living Color

What if eating vegetables could be enjoyable? Vegetable and fruit smoothies are the perfect way to introduce them to your family in a tasty light. Combine half of a celery stalk, two handfuls of spinach, one kale leaf, an apple and/or banana, and a cup of crushed ice to a blender. Blend together for a delicious, refreshing and nutrient-dense treat. Yes, it’s green, but think of green as living color.

Find more recipes for vegetables online at Give it a try. Feel refreshed and less stressed.

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