Grilled BLT Pizza

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Grilled BLT Pizza

See smart selection, storage, prep and nutrition tips for our Grilled BLT Pizza recipe:

Selection, Storage and Prep:

  1. Save bacon-cooking time and use 10 slices of ready-to-eat fully cooked bacon (roughly a 2.5 ounce package). Cuts easily with kitchen shears.
  2. Add more romaine lettuce or other favorite varieties like arugula, mixed spring greens and spinach.
  3. With their bright color and firm texture, grape tomatoes really stand out on pizza. Plus they’re easier to cut and not as messy as traditional tomatoes!


  1. Get an extra boost of vitamins A and K with romaine (or any other darker green lettuce) rather than iceberg.
  2. Low-fat mayonnaise balances the decadent bacon.
  3. All tomatoes provide vitamins A, C, K, potassium and powerful nutrients to help fight cancer and promote heart health.

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