Tips for Farmers Market Shoppers

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 Stadium Village Farmers Market in Indianpolis, Indiana

Whether you’re new to farmers markets or a loyal market shopper, keep these tips in mind to make the experience a lot more satisfying:

  • Bring your own reusable bag.
  • Get to know your producers. Ask questions about how they grow the food, what their favorite recipe is, or about a food’s nutritional value.
  • Bring cash – many vendors do not take credit cards.
  • Use small bills and change. Vendors appreciate customers paying with ones, fives and even quarters.
  • Call ahead if you’re looking for a specific item. Notify vendors in advance if you want something they don’t always carry.
  • Bookmark the market’s website and sign up for e-mails about happenings at the market.
  • Bring friends. They will appreciate you introducing them to a world of delicious, locally grown foods.

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