4 Brownie Recipes for All of Winter’s Celebrations

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’Tis the season for indulgence. Between the winter holidays of Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, tasty treats are in abundance this season. Is there a more delicious – or versatile – treat than brownies? Whether you enjoy crunchy, texture-infusing nuts, a sweet ribbon of fruity jam, or another delicious variation, brownies can take a form that will please everyone.

Typically, homemade brownies use either cocoa powder or chocolate (or sometimes both) for their decadent flavor. What’s the difference between these two ingredients?

Cocoa is actually a purer form of chocolate, made up of mainly cocoa solids. Chocolate has two main components, cocoa butter, which gives it its texture, and cocoa solids. Per ounce, cocoa powder packs a more intense chocolate flavor.

In brownies, using cocoa powder alone makes for rich, chewy brownies, whereas chocolate yields a fudgier brownie.

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Pecan Pie Skillet Brownies

Photo by Jeffrey S. Otto

Pecan Pie Skillet Brownies take the indulgence of a classic pecan pie and combine it with a fudgy brownie. Make these in individual cast-iron skillets for an easy-to-eat and portion-controlled treat.

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