11 Easy Summer Snacks for Kids

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Keep your pantry, freezer and refrigerator filled with the right ingredients so that nutrient-rich snacks are available anytime for the kids during the summer. Nearly all of these snacks are easy and fast, and older kids and teens can make them, too. But even better, these snacks are filled with ingredients to give kids of all ages all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. Remember to model a positive food attitude for the kids, conveying that nothing is off-limits, even summer favorite ice pops, as long as you blend and balance indulgent with nutrient-rich. Here’s a little snacking inspiration:

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1. Super S’mores


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Boost nutrition on s’mores by adding some sliced strawberries or bananas to the decadent graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate layers. Enjoy them inside and outside – they can easily be made in the microwave.

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