Rural Road Rules: Sharing the Road With Farm Equipment

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Farmers follow all sorts of safety rules when driving large farm machinery, but it’s also important for drivers to share the road with that farm equipment. During harvest season or any other time of the year, be sure to follow these rural road safety guidelines:

Slow down as soon as you spot a piece of farm equipment.

Watch for hand signals. Don’t trust a veer to the right as a signal that the tractor operator is letting you pass – it could mean the tractor is taking a wide turn. If a tractor operator is signaling you to wait, do so. Consider he has a higher vantage point than you.

Watch for flashing amber lights. This type of light often marks the far right and left sides of farm equipment. Also keep an eye out for fluorescent reflective tape marking extremities and sides of equipment.

Don’t speed past farm machinery. When it is safe, proceed slowly and with caution. The turbulence created by your vehicle may cause the machinery to sway and become unstable.

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