Jenna Kelsay Chosen as a Disney Citizen Kid

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Jenna Kelsay

Jenna Kelsay is carrying on the tradition of family farming from the wise age of 10 years old. An active member of her family’s dairy farm in Whiteland, Ind., Jenna was chosen to star in an episode of Disney’s “Citizen Kid” online video series, where she shares her passion of helping out on the family farm and teaching others about agriculture.

The video series is a larger partnership with Milk Life, encouraging every child to reach their fullest potential. For the past couple years, Jenna has been giving tours at Kelsay Farms, teaching visitors about dairy farming, the healthy qualities of milk and that milk comes from a cow, not the grocery store.

Jenna and her family were featured in the very first edition of My Indiana Home, and you can read more of their story here.

Check out Jenna’s episode of Citizen Kid below:

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