How to Make a Cider Slushie

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Apple Cider Slushie

There’s no tastier fall treat than this cool twist on Indiana apple cider: the cider slushie.

Greenfield’s Tuttle Orchards and a number of other apple farms across the state sell them, but you can make your own apple cider slushie by storing cider in the freezer until it is completely frozen. (Make sure your container allows ample room for the cider to expand as it freezes.) Then bring it out and slowly let it thaw until it gets to a slushie consistency.

Since apple cider is a blend of both natural sugars and water, there is no reason to add ice.

And it’s a healthy snack too – drinking 8 ounces of apple cider is equal to about two apples. Unprocessed apple juice provides the most nutrition among fruit juices.

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