Farm Facts: Nursery & Greenhouse Industry

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nursery industry

You may think that the nursery industry is all flowers, but think again. This important industry encompasses much more, and plays a significant role in both Indiana and the United States' economies.

Nationally, the nursery greenhouse industry encompasses:
Nursery Stock – $6.6 billion (39.5%)
Bedding/Garden Plants – $3.8 billion (22.6%)
Sod Harvested – $1.3 billion (8.1%)
Potted Flowering Plants – $1.2 billion (7.5%)
Mushrooms – $986 million (5.9%)
Other – $2.7 billion (16.4%)

Take a look at some Indiana-specific nursery facts:

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nursery facts

$64.6 million: Portion of that total attributed to floriculture, including cut flowers, garden plants and bedding crops

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