Apple Facts and Recipes for the Fall Harvest

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The Versatile Apple
Have you had your apple today? With our roundup of delicious recipes and core facts featuring this healthy, all-American fruit, you’ll never need your doctor again.

Apples are good for more than just health benefits. The United States is actually the second largest producer of the crop, right behind China. They play a major role in U.S. agriculture, with orchards covering over 350,000 acres of the country. That puts the crop slightly behind oranges and grapes in the amount of acreage committed to fruit production. And nearly 40% of the annual harvest is processed into tasty apple products like cider, vinegar, juice and concentrate.

For consumers, apples are available in an abundance of varieties, each with their own unique properties. Gala apples are one of America’s most popular apples, and can vary in color from cream to red- and yellow-striped. Granny Smith apples are perfect for pies with their lip-smacking tart flavor. If you’re wanting a good snacking apple, pick McIntosh, while Golden Delicious are best for salads because their yellow flesh resists browning.

No matter which variety is your favorite, this fall staple deserves to be celebrated. Honor the autumn fruit with one of our tempting apple recipes below:

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