Where to Buy Indiana Lamb

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Russell Sheep Co. sells their wide selection of locally raised lamb products directly to customers through farmers markets in Greenfield, Westfield, Geist and at Minnetrista in Muncie, as well as at their farm in Eaton and through direct orders. Their website helps customers learn about their wide variety of lamb products, including rack of lamb, leg of lamb, kebob meat, shanks and lamb chops, among other quality cuts of meat.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s some advice from the Russells themselves.

“Our breakfast sausage is one of our favorites, as well as brats and loin chops,” Diane Russell says. “For special family dinners, we enjoy either a leg or a rack of lamb. And our summer sausage with cheese and crackers makes a great snack tray for any event.”

To contact the Russells for a direct order, visit their website at www.russellsheepcompany.com or call (765) 288-4845.

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